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CCTV to protect Gloucestershire ambulance sites

CCTV to protect Gloucestershire ambulance sites

New CCTV systems have been installed at six ambulance services sites across Gloucestershire.

The cameras, along with new access control systems, have helped West Midlands Ambulance Service improve the safety of its sites and reassure staff while they are at work.

Trust security manager Steve Elliker told the Gloucestershire Echo: "Ensuring our staff are safe whether on the road or at the ambulance stations is clearly a high priority for the trust."

He added that the system boosts safety at the sites, while complying with the guidelines set out by NHS Protect and the Home Office.

As well as the deterrent presence of the cameras, Mr Elliker said that the peace of mind offered by the 24-hour support and monitoring package was also a major factor in the decision to opt for CCTV.

Just last month, the South East Coast Ambulance Service said it was consulting its staff about the possibility of using video surveillance on the vehicles themselves. 

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