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CCTV 'to protect cyclists in London'

CCTV 'to protect cyclists in London'

CCTV systems could be used to target drivers who stop in bicycle boxes at traffic lights in London.

The plans are part of City Hall's crackdown and the evidence the cameras collect could be used in a process that will result in motorists being issued with £60 fines and three penalty points.

CCTV is already used successfully to enforce bus lanes and Boris Johnson’s cycling czar Andrew Gilligan believes the technology can also be utilised to protect cyclists.

"At present, you have to have a police officer standing at the junction or in a police car. What we can do is stick a camera up and do automatic enforcement. That will sort out the problem," he said.

The plans are a high priority of Transport for London and the body is to ask the Department for Transport to pass a commencement order to allow it to penalise drivers who move into the cycle lanes and boxes.

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