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CCTV to be used in a car to tackle parking issues

CCTV to be used in a car to tackle parking issues

The rise of the digital CCTV camera means that the devices can be used in an increasing number of adaptable situations and it is no longer just businesses looking to protected their property with static cameras who are using them.

According to News Shoppers, CCTV systems will now be installed on a car by Dartford Council in an effort to reduce the number of motoring offences in the region.

Today (March 7th), the local authority's cabinet will consider proposals to introduce an enforcement vehicle which will be kitted out with a 360-degree pan tilt camera.

It will also be used to tackle motorists who park within the pedestrian areas and has three automatic number plate recognition cameras on board, which would gather evidence for the council’s parking services department to access.

The council said that it estimates the total cost of the new software, vehicle and extra staffing would be in the region of £50,000.

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