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CCTV thief identified by recordings

CCTV thief identified by recordings

A man who stole CCTV systems from a garage was recognised by police in the final few moments of the device's recordings, a court has been told.

Troy Hamilton's face filled the screen as he took the camera from the premises at Holywell, Flintshire, last month and officers were able to identify him as he was well known in the local community.

Wyn Jones, prosecuting, said film taken from the system also revealed the defendant parking his car, walking towards the camera, cutting four wires and then forcing it from its holding bracket.

The defendant said that he took the device as he wanted to improve the security at his own home, but in defending him Gary Harvey called it "probably the most ridiculous offence you will ever hear about".

Mr Hamilton was ordered to pay £200 compensation for the camera and £145 in costs. He was also sent on a ten-part thinking skills course run by the probation service.

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