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CCTV survives council budget cuts

CCTV survives council budget cuts

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has announced that its 24-hour CCTV systems will not be hit by its upcoming cuts package.

The future of the devices was thought to be the matter of some debate as the local authority tried to work out a way of saving £21 million this year and initially voted in favour of reducing the amount of monitoring that the 220-strong camera network would require, reports the Sentinel.

However, councillor Andy Platt, cabinet member for green enterprises and clean city, explained: "Although we are still going to be saving £74,000, I can announce that the CCTV service will remain a full 24-hour staffed service despite earlier concerns."

The savings will be made by integrating the monitoring into a new multi-purpose data centre.

Council officers said the local police force uses 1,000 pieces of evidence from the city's CCTV systems every year and warned that cuts in the security budget could lead to higher levels of crime and damage to public property.

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