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CCTV provides helping hand for Swansea businesses

CCTV provides helping hand for Swansea businesses

Local businesses in Swansea have been given a helping hand following a spate of commercial burglaries.

Working alongside the Safer Swansea Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP), small business owners in the Uplands area of the Welsh city have been offered practical help and advice on how to prevent future break-ins, the South Wales Evening Post reports.

As a result, shops, pubs and restaurants have agreed on an action plan which includes the introduction of an array of crime-prevention devices, including CCTV systems and floodlights, anti-climb paint and counterfeit money pens.

Norma Thomas from Safer Swansea's BCRP claimed small shops are often viewed as soft targets, with the business being ill-equipped to deal with these issues.

"It is hoped that this [initiative] will lead to improved community engagement [and] local community resilience together with a reduction in relevant crime levels," she said.

Businesswoman Maggie Sibbald, who owns a fashion shop on Brynymor Road, an area previously a target for burglaries, said the extra support was "brilliant" for local traders.

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