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CCTV needs to be switched back on to protect boats

CCTV needs to be switched back on to protect boats

A neighbourhood watch group is requesting CCTV systems be installed to help protect local boats from crime.

Foreshore Watch group in Old Leigh explained that the boats used to be protected by CCTV, but since it was switched off a number of attacks have been witnessed.

"There have been a couple of incidents where boats have been stolen or damaged and the membership of Foreshore Watch asked, understandably, whether the camera could go live again," Mick Holland, neighbourhood watch administrator, told the Echo.

In fact, Leigh Town Council Old Town community group are now discussing the option of not only setting the wharf CCTV live once more, but implementing further cameras across the Old Leigh area.

Chairman Carole Mulroney said that a comprehensive approach could help more than the "piecemeal" operation that is currently found in the area and stakeholders need to discuss whether or not more CCTV is needed.

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