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CCTV minister hints at private rules

CCTV minister hints at private rules

Andrew Rennison, the UK's first surveillance camera commissioner, has said that the government may follow up the publication of the public code of practice with rules for the private use of CCTV systems.

Cameras have become much cheaper and more flexible in recent years. Greater numbers of people are using them, but there are currently no rules governing the use of private CCTV cameras.

Mr Rennison told the Daily Telegraph that people install CCTV systems for very good reasons.

He said: "I will probably, in the next year or so, be publishing guidance to help people with that because although it is outside of the code of practice I think it is an area where people do want further advice."

The minister told people with video surveillance on their property to think about about the direction that the cameras are pointing and if they will have any effect on their neighbours.

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