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CCTV leads to 700 arrests in north-east

CCTV leads to 700 arrests in north-east

CCTV systems in the north-east of England have led to more than 700 arrests, new figures have confirmed.

The statistics from South Tyneside Council revealed that between March 2012 and February 2013, 1,366 incidents were captured on camera.

Council and police chiefs have praised the 191-strong camera network for the role it plays in helping to track down those who break the law.

Tracey Dixon, lead member for area management and community safety at South Tyneside Council, told the South Shields Gazette: "The high number of arrests being made due to using footage as evidence just shows that we won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour in South Tyneside."

Chief inspector Brian Walker from South Tyneside Area Command stated that CCTV is a very useful tool for police in the areas of both crime detection and crime prevention.

He added that CCTV systems also bring major reassurance to communities who are now welcoming the idea of incidents being monitored in their neighbourhoods.

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