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CCTV 'is a vital tool for police'

CCTV 'is a vital tool for police'

Police has assured residents that CCTV is a vital tool in their fight against crime, but insist that it is not stopping them from using more traditional methods of policing.

Officers in Chelmsford asked the local council for funding in May last year and spent the money upgrading the existing CCTV systems, reports the Chelmsford Weekly News.

Since then, and after a number of town centre burglaries - including one where burglars took an hour to break in - councillors had feared that police were now relying on CCTV instead of patrolling the town.

However, when quizzed by Harwich town leaders police called the CCTV a vital addition to their armoury and it had proved crucial in collecting evidence in a number of cases since it was installed.

Chelmsford City Council states that it has operated a successful CCTV unit in partnership with Chelmsford Town Centre Partnership and Essex Police since 1996.

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