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CCTV helps to lower crime rate in Barton

CCTV helps to lower crime rate in Barton

Officials in Barton believe that CCTV systems are playing a crucial role in the continuing fall of the area's crime rate.

The Scunthorpe Telegraph reported that police figures show that there were 70 crimes committed in December - down from 82 in the previous month.

Barton town mayor Paul Vickers said: "The CCTV is proving to work.

"It gives the police the chance to go back and collaborate any stories. This has been made available through partnership work."

A particularly successful camera is the one positioned in Baysgarth Park by the North Lincolnshire Council's Safer Neighbourhoods team and it has helped to cut the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour that have been reported in the vicinity.

Mr Vickers explained that the next stage is to increase the CCTV infrastructure that is available to police and check the town for blind spots, which would hopefully make Barton even safer.

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