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CCTV 'great value for money'

CCTV 'great value for money'

A police inspector has said that CCTV systems offer great value for money for people, councils and businesses looking to protect their assets from criminals.

Inspector Ian Byford, who oversees the CCTV team at Sussex police, said that at an average cost of less than £1 per person per year, video surveillance represents great value.

He told the Argus: "CCTV has become a part of society and I think people, particularly young people when they are out and about, welcome [it]."

Mr Byford explained that the cameras not only work as deterrents and as an investigational device, but police monitoring can also work proactively to help officers with live incidents.

He believes that it is an exciting time to be involved with CCTV, particularly with the development of new devices such as body cameras, but the traditional types of cameras will still be popular.

Councillor Ben Duncan, a member of the Sussex Police and Crime Panel, added that not only do they lower crime figures, but cameras also reduce the fear of crime.

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