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CCTV fitted at Bracknell demolition site

CCTV fitted at Bracknell demolition site

New CCTV systems are being installed in Bracknell, Berkshire to prevent criminal activities from taking place on a demolition site in the northern area of the town.

It is part of a collaboration between local police officers and the Bracknell Regeneration Partnership to stop trespassers from interfering with the work going on at the site, reports Get Reading.

Hoardings are also being fitted to block the area off from the public and these will be monitored by the police.

According to Ian Boswell, community safety manager at Bracknell Forest Council, it is important the authority works with officers to ensure the security of the plot.

"CCTV will be put up around the hoardings to give us coverage around the sealed-off site," he was quoted as saying.

Mr Boswell added that the council wants people to remember that it is a building site - not a playground - and there will be measures in place to keep it a crime-free area.

A number of businesses and charities have had to leave Broadway and Crossway in order for the regeneration project to go ahead.

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