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CCTV expert gives lens tips

CCTV expert gives lens tips

Independent CCTV systems consultant Simon Lambert has attempted to explain the importance of - and choices surrounding - camera lenses.

Writing for Info4Security, the expert explained that a security system is only as strong as its weakest link and business operators often try to cut corners when it comes to lenses.

He said that the lens is a vital piece of kit that creates a clear image that can then be turned into video and there are different types depending on an end user's requirements.

Firstly, he stated that although C-lenses can make use of an adapter to fit on both C-mount and CS-mount cameras, CS-lenses will never be truly focused while installed on a C-mount device, so firms should take time to find out what they are dealing with.

Mr Lambert went on to explain the intricacies of auto-iris, the F-stop, ramping and adjustable fixed lenses, as well as the tricks that can be used to improve field-of-view and contrast levels.

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