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CCTV digital switch 'often a case of simple converters'

CCTV digital switch 'often a case of simple converters'

As the importance of IP CCTV systems becomes apparent to more and more businesses across the UK, they may want to consider switching their older analogue cameras over to the newer technology.

However, many end users have a misplaced notion that this requires extensive rewiring and is a time consuming and lengthy process which is putting them off upgrading.

This is simply not the case anymore and a wide range of specialist converters mean that most systems can be switched via the use of an analogue fibre-optic converter or coaxial media converters.

A few simple adaptors are often all it needs to transform an antiquated infrastructure into one that is capable of housing the latest IP cameras and the integrated security systems that they are part of. 

This will enable the end user to control all of their security products from one central dashboard or management system.

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