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CCTV code 'will aid public safety'

CCTV code 'will aid public safety'

The Home Office's new CCTV systems code of conduct will help to keep people safe, councillors and police have said.

According to the government, the new guidelines for public CCTV cameras in Wales and England will ensure that cameras are installed in pursuit of a legitimate aim and where there is a pressing need for them.

It also outlines rules for the retention of data and encourages private CCTV users to follow the ideas in the code.

Swansea's public CCTV system provides coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week and Nick Bradley, cabinet member at the operating council, told the South Wales Evening Post: "[The code] should help give further confidence to our residents and visitors that CCTV is a powerful tool for helping keep people safe, with proper and effective measures in place to ensure it is not misused."

Chief inspector Steve Jones of South Wales Police added that CCTV provides an invaluable tool to police officers on the ground when investigating crimes.

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