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CCTV Code 'adds little to Data Protection Act'

CCTV Code 'adds little to Data Protection Act'

The new CCTV Code of Practice adds little to the existing rules laid out by the Data Protection Act, one expert has said.

CCTV consultant Simon Lambert believes that the public money spent drawing up the Code of Practice could have been better spent - particularly on funding CCTV systems that are now being cut as local authorities see their budgets reduced.

Writing in IFSEC Global he states: "The public bodies to which it applies are already largely the best behaved of all CCTV users who operate the tiny minority of cameras viewing our public spaces."

He explained that the Data Protection Act, which has been in operation for many years, actually has teeth to bite and prevent CCTV systems being used inappropriately, unlike this "new paper tiger". 

Mr Lambert concluded by stating that in a list of government initiatives that could improve the reputation of CCTV to the populace, the new Code would be number three or four.

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