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CCTV called for to tackle fly-tipping

CCTV called for to tackle fly-tipping

A angry resident has called on their council to install CCTV systems to deter serial fly-tippers.

Barton homeowner Kay Powell has reported dozens of offences to Gloucester City Council and is fed up of no action being taken.

Ms Powell told the Citizen: "I'm annoyed as it makes the area look dirty and untidy. I would have thought it was a prime location for a CCTV camera."

She added that CCTV systems would be much cheaper than having to call out specialist services to remove the rubbish every time that it is dumped. 

A Gloucester City Council spokesman said the removal of the fly-tipping rubbish is one of the local authority's top priorities.

He explained that all cases are investigated for possible evidence that may lead to legal action against the people responsible.

"This instance is in the process of being dealt with," the spokesman added.

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