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Calls for CCTV to stop build-up of rubbish in Doncaster

Calls for CCTV to stop build-up of rubbish in Doncaster

CCTV systems are no longer the sole provision of big businesses looking to protect their property from thieves and criminals.

The advancement of digital technology means that they can quickly and effectively be used in a wide range of circumstances and this includes many public service uses.

Concerned residents in Yorkshire have become the latest to call for the surveillance cameras to be installed.

The Doncaster Free Press reports that homeowners want CCTV to protect the playing fields at Conisbrough's Ivanhoe Centre field, as vandals and fly-tippers are constantly dumping their rubbish on the local green space.

Despite Doncaster Council clearing the area after the problem initially arose, empty food cartons, plastic and glass bottles still continue to be left there and residents are concerned as the area is situated in front of the centre, which is popular as a play area among young families in the region.

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