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Calls for CCTV to prevent fly-tipping

Calls for CCTV to prevent fly-tipping

Concerned residents and councillors have called on local authorities to install CCTV systems to stop a spate of fly-tipping in Canvey Town.

More than £50,000 has been spent on making a local beauty spot more accommodating to people but now vast amounts of rubbish are being dumped at the site off Denham Road.

Peter Greig, chairman of Canvey Town Council, now wants CCTV cameras installed so that those dumping rubbish can be caught and brought to justice.

He told the Echo: "Obviously no one in their right mind would dump rubbish during the day so I think the only way forward is to install cameras and then we would have proof to prosecute people."

Mr Greig added that not only would it help catch the existing offenders, but CCTV could deter others from thinking about doing the same.

The council installed video surveillance to reduce fly-tipping incidences on a local road recently and now it is hoped the technology will have the same effect for the beauty spot.

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