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Call for CCTV as antisocial behavior affects Welsh residents

Call for CCTV as antisocial behavior affects Welsh residents

Residents and councillors have called for CCTV systems to be installed in a communal park after numerous complaints about anti-social behaviour.

Concerned views were aired at a Ammanford Town Council meeting, with town councillor Chris Jones stating CCTV in the park needs to become a priority.

After the meeting, he told the Carmarthen Journal: "There has been a lot of vandalism and a lot of residents are having problems because of the park. A lot of local people have raised this as an issue."

Mr Jones explained that CCTV would be a sure fire way of finding those responsible for the crimes and bring them to justice.

Ammanford Town Council is now planning on contacting the local police to see if there is a possibility of installing cameras in the park and assessing ways in which it can be funded.

The rise of IP cameras and intelligent monitoring has made video surveillance much more flexible than it has been in the past.

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