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Business owners call for CCTV after crime spree

Business owners call for CCTV after crime spree

Retail bosses in Doncaster are demanding that their businesses be protected by CCTV systems after a spate of criminal incidents in the area.

One shop owner has been the victim of crime seven times in the past three years and is calling on the council to heighten security.

Anita Davie told the Star: "I've already spent thousands out of my own pocket and lost about £10,000 worth of property. I am sure CCTV would deter and help to catch them."

Fellow business owner Nikki Davies believes CCTV is important because the area is near a major A road, which offers a good escape route for criminals - one that cameras could monitor.

She explained that CCTV is "essential" as a lot of the local businesses are now concerned about how much crime is going to cost them and video surveillance would provide peace of mind and be a deterrent.

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