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Business owner calls for town centre CCTV cameras

Business owner calls for town centre CCTV cameras

A business owner has urged local authorities to install CCTV systems in a town in Devon.

Daniel K Neaves, who runs his own salon in Budleigh, was recently targeted by burglars who made off with hundreds of pounds worth of equipment.

Speaking to the Exmouth Journal, he pointed out that they did not make any mess and appeared to know exactly what they were after, as if they had a shopping list.

Mr Neaves believes this shows organised criminals are a threat in Budleigh, which means precautionary measures and deterrents need to be put in place.

"I think what Budleigh needs is definitely CCTV cameras - these guys were professional, they're not just opportunists," he commented.

Mr Neaves added that CCTV cameras will help to improve public safety for people living and working in the area.

The burglars who targeted the salon on April 28th stole items including the owner's' iPad and iPod, as well as expensive hairdryers and hair straighteners that cannot be purchased in regular shops.

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