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Bury Police launch Operation Advent

Bury Police launch Operation Advent

Bury Police have launched a new initiative to crack down on seasonal crime and disorder.

Officers are now running high-visibility patrols in the town centres in the borough to reassure the public and they are also maintaining radio contact with retailers and operators of CCTV systems to catch shoplifters and pickpockets.

Other anti-crime schemes in Operation Advent include handing out purse bells in high traffic shopping areas and maintaining a strong police presence around car parks to cut the number of thefts from vehicles.

Chief inspector Sean Hogan of Bury Police division said: "Town centres are popular at this time of year due to the concentration of shops, bars and clubs and we have been preparing thoroughly for the festive period."

He added that this type of operation depends on early detection and intervention and officers will work with the public and security staff to act quickly and robustly.

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