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Bournemouth's CCTV systems help police to make more arrests

Bournemouth's CCTV systems help police to make more arrests

Mobile CCTV systems in Bournemouth have been responsible for more than 350 arrests over the past two years.

Since the town installed the video surveillance infrastructure in 2011, it has captured more than 1,400 incidents of crime or anti-social behaviour, reports the Bournemouth Echo.

Furthermore, the mobile cameras, coupled with Bournemouth's network of fixed CCTV cameras, have resulted in 2,829 people being charged since the start of 2011.

"[The mobile CCTV systems] have enabled the council to tackle the anti-social behaviour hotspots where there currently isn't any coverage from the town's fixed CCTV cameras," said councillor David Smith, cabinet member for planning and environment.

Bournemouth neighbourhood inspector Mike Claxton explained that just because mobile cameras are small and lightweight does not mean that they are not capable of capturing high quality images that are excellent evidence for police to use.

The cameras have even been rolled out for use during the policing of public events such as the Bournemouth Air Festival.

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