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Both IP and analog CCTV systems have their advantages

Both IP and analog CCTV systems have their advantages

The digital age has changed many aspects of modern security - none more so than video surveillance.

With this in mind, the Valley Business Journal has offered some advice to businesses thinking about their CCTV systems options. 

The newer IP-based CCTV was found to capture higher quality images and have much more effective wireless communication - something important to firms looking to build a integrated security network with remote access.

Digital cameras can also be installed into sites with existing wiring, so implementation is not too arduous.

One of the main advantages of the older analog option is that there is a much larger range of devices to choose from. The increased competition and lack of hi-tech gadgetry also makes them less expensive than IP-based cameras.

The publications states that "given the pros and cost of each camera type, the decision truly comes down to your specific surveillance needs; so take a minute to think about it carefully".

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