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Blackwood businesses target shoplifters

Blackwood businesses target shoplifters

Shoplifters have been warned that Blackwood police and business owners will be on the lookout for any signs of criminal activity in the remaining shopping days before Christmas.

Officers will be maintaining an increased presence with extra patrols in the town during shop opening hours and working in conjunction with the security staff operating CCTV systems in control rooms across the area so that offenders and anyone acting suspiciously can be trace instantly whilst in Blackwood.

Business owners have come together to create Blackwood Retail Partnership, which aims to reduce crime by improving the information shared between shops, businesses, the police and the council using the Stornet radio system.

Retailers have also received training on how to spot shoplifters and how to protect their store goods.

Neighbourhood Policing Team inspector Mark Smith said: "I am determined to ensure that visitors find this a pleasant experience. Those who think they can commit crime in the area need to think again. My team will be watching you."

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