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Blackpool 'needs CCTV for public safety'

Blackpool 'needs CCTV for public safety'

Concerned campaigners have warned that cuts to Blackpool's CCTV systems will leave gaping holes in public safety.

The local council wants to tighten its budget this year and this week voted to cut the video surveillance bill by £187,600. Although all the cameras will continue to record footage, there will not be any person present to monitor the real-time videos.

However, one CCTV operative, who does not wished to be named, told the Blackpool Gazette that the council is taking a risk with public safety.

"CCTV is not just used in crime-fighting, but in finding missing children and dealing with public disorder," he said.

Chairman of Blackpool Pubwatch Craig Southall said town centre licensees are now considering funding an independent CCTV service, although individual premises already run their own systems, while Dave Daley, north west chairman of Licensees for the Unite union, said Blackpool needed CCTV to protect its night-time economy.

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