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Blackpool landlords criticise crazy CCTV cuts

Blackpool landlords criticise crazy CCTV cuts

Pub landlords in Blackpool have written to the local council and asked it to rethink the plans to cut back on the number of CCTV systems used in the lively night time town.

They said the proposed cut back would threaten public safety.

The Gazette reports that Blackpool Council is looking to slash £187,600 from its budget and CCTV has been earmarked for cuts, but Blackpool Pubwatch chairman Craig Southall called the plans "absolutely crazy".

"Our members agreed to point their external cameras onto the street this weekend so people can still feel safe," he added.

Dave Daley, one of the landlords, said that CCTV is a "cornerstone" of security in Blackpool and that the council has a duty of care to provide safety to the people who live and visit the town.

Conservative opposition leader on the council Tony Williams said that difficult decisions will be need to be taken, but he would prefer it if CCTV was made a priority.

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