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Biometrics set to be 'widespread in the security industry'

Biometrics set to be 'widespread in the security industry'

Many security systems are set to become more widespread in the next few years as technology not only improves but becomes more familiar.

New research has suggested the perfect example of this will be the use of biometrics security products. The report from analyst Goode Intelligence shows the technology will become an increasingly important aspect of mobile security over the next six years now that people are using biometrics on a daily basis in the latest smartphone from Apple.

Goode Intelligence reports that Touch ID on the iPhone 5S and a strong ecosystem to support biometrics on consumer mobile devices will mean that by 2018, 3.4 billion users will be using the technology on a range of mobile devices.

It is estimated the industry will be worth $8.3 billion (£5.2 billion) by that time, with many other security products such as lone worker devices and access control systems using biometrics technology to heighten control and tighten protocols.

Biometrics on mobile devices is not a new concept as the first commercial device to feature a fingerprint sensor was launched back in 1999. However, in the last 18 months a much more favourable environment has developed for biometrics to flourish, said Alan Goode, author of the report and founder of Goode Intelligence.

He explained that in the near future, many mobile devices will utilise integrated biometrics technology and not just fingerprint sensors.

Many high-profile security devices could make use of biometrics, with immigration systems already using iris scanners and by making biometrics mobile, even more people and firms may be willing to incorporate them into their own security solutions.
"This will become even more important in the post-smartphone world when wearable technology and smart cars/houses/cities will offer us a much more personal computing experience - in this world biometrics may well hold the key for identity and user interaction," added Mr Goode.

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