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Beds, baths and X-ray machines taken from Welsh hospitals

Beds, baths and X-ray machines taken from Welsh hospitals

Hospital bosses in Wales may be considering improving their security systems and measures after it emerged that baths, beds and even an X-ray machine have been taken from sites across the country.

A Freedom of Information request made by BBC Wales asked the country's seven health boards for details of thefts over the past five years and it was revealed that £78,000 worth of cable was also taken.

After seeing the figures, Patient Concern said that the issue of hospital security was a big concern.

Dr Paul Worthington, speaking on behalf of the Board of Community Health Councils in Wales, argued that patient care has not been affected by the thefts.

However, he added: "Any money that has to be spent on replacing stolen items or equipment from hospitals is money that can not be spent on patient care."

Dr Worthington also asked patients to return any medical equipment that they had borrowed such as crutches.

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