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Barrow Council to use grant to upgrade CCTV

Barrow Council to use grant to upgrade CCTV

Barrow Borough Council's executive committee has announced that it will accept a £100,000 CCTV systems grant from the police and crime commissioner's office.

The North West Mail reports that the money will now be used to help fund the installation of 13 new cameras in Barrow and updating three more in neighbouring Dalton.

Leader of Barrow Council Dave Pidduck said he and police and crime commissioner Richard Rhodes welcomed the opportunity to update the area's CCTV infrastructure.

He stated: "CCTV is important not just for the town centre but to people in the other areas as well."

Cllr Ray Guselli was also in agreement, adding that the new cameras were vital to help reduce the levels of crime in Barrow and will be an "excellent" use of funds.

The grant will not only help to cover the installation, but be put towards the maintenance and monitoring costs of the cameras for the next five years.

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