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Barrhead unveils new CCTV systems

Barrhead unveils new CCTV systems

Barrhead has launched its new and improved CCTV systems infrastructure and hopes to make even more progress with fighting crime in the area.

The town recently revealed some of the lowest crime figures in years and now councillor Mary Montague has officially unveiled a totally refurbished CCTV room, which allows operators to focus on footage from over 200 cameras, reports Barrhead News.

Indeed, the convener for community services and community safety said the new CCTV facility is "excellent" and the latest top quality, high definition screens have the capacity to zoom in to read a tax disc on a car if need be.

"It's of paramount importance that our residents know that we are dedicated to ensuring they are safe and secure in their homes and on the streets of East Renfrewshire," she added.

Around 30 cameras will be used solely to focus on every facet of community safety, which not only includes crime and anti-social behaviour, but also monitoring traffic levels and the safety of local elderly residents as they venture out on to the streets.

Operators will man the desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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