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Another taxi firm turns to CCTV systems

Another taxi firm turns to CCTV systems

A north-east taxi company is set to become the latest transport and logistics firm to utilise the power of modern CCTV systems.

The company will be installing CCTV across its fleet and can already see many potential benefits of having the video surveillance technology onboard.

As its insurance premiums have been doubled in the space of the last three years, the company is hoping the clear-cut evidence that the CCTV provides will be able to lower the payments back down to affordable levels - something that many businesses which operate CCTV systems find is an advantageous side effect of the cameras.

The discrete and flexible cameras are set to record images both inside and outside the cab so they should be able to aid investigations in regard to staged accidents, false whiplash claims, driving offences and traffic allegations that drivers encounter.

Chris Waterstreet, owner of C&D Taxis, said: "CCTV will provide me with evidence of what happens in my taxis. After the initial installation costs, I will recoup the cost in just one or two years. I won't get bogged down with lengthy and expensive investigations when someone makes a claim and hopefully my insurance premium will stop rising each year."

He explained that currently, the company lacks concrete evidence to get to the bottom of a claim and the insurance company always has to pay out.

"One insurance company is knocking £500 off taxi insurance premiums if you have CCTV installed," he explained. 

Mr Waterstreet added that CCTV will also make drivers and customers will feel safer.

Sheffield City Council has also experimented with CCTV systems in its cabs in an effort to cut down on the number of attacks and abuse that staff are subjected to while they work.

Earlier this year, the South East Coast Ambulance service began consulting staff about the possibility of introducing cameras in its vehicles, as almost a third of its workforce were victims of violence last year.

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