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Access control 'more popular than ever'

Access control 'more popular than ever'

The global multi-technology reader market was worth an estimated $33 million (£21.26 million) last year, according to the latest access control research from IHS Inc.

This is up from the $30 million total it recorded in 2011 and Blake Kozak, senior analyst for access control, fire and security at IHS, explained that although access control is not a new technology, it is proving to be more popular than ever before.

He said: "Today, more readers come preconfigured to offer both proximity and smart card technology. This allows customers to future-proof themselves."

IHS believes that multi-technology readers allow end users to have the flexibility that they need and, crucially, provides additional security options.
For instance, when a security threat is elevated, locks or readers may require additional verification such as biometrics, while during low-threat times, PIN verification may be enough. 

The access control industry also saw a further progression towards open standards last year.

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