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£20K worth of goods stolen from Northern Irish hospitals

£20K worth of goods stolen from Northern Irish hospitals

Hospitals across the UK may want to think about tightening their security systems and measures, as the clinical sites continue to be a preferred target for thieves.

The latest statistics show that over the past three years, more than £20,000 worth of goods have been taken from hospitals in Northern Ireland.

It is not only medical equipment that is being taken, with staff recording thefts of a microwave, a pressure washer and even a hot water tank during that time.

Dr Kieran McCarthy, who tabled an Assembly question on the issue, told the Belfast Telegraph: "It just goes to show that anything that somebody wants, if it is in the hospital or trust grounds, is there for the taking."

He added that in the future, hospital staff may want to think about using more stringent security measures, as losing this amount of money is not acceptable to Trusts that are already under budgetary pressure.

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