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SECOM provides bespoke security solutions to Aberdeen Drilling Consultants

SECOM provides bespoke security solutions to Aberdeen Drilling Consultants

SECOM’s ability to provide a bespoke solution for Aberdeen Drilling Consultants (ADC), an international rig inspection company with more than 30 years' experience in its field, has provided the firm with a unique security system tailored to its specific needs.



ADC had just opened up new offices in what was Rubislaw Toll House, a historic building in Aberdeen dating back to 1837. ADC wanted to make sure it was set up in hi-tech offices with cutting-edge facilities, so providing security for the company's new premises was not going to be simple.

"Right from the outset we were determined that our new offices should be bristling with the very latest innovations in lighting, communications and security," said Douglas Hay, ADC's chairman and managing director.

The company wanted to use a number of new technologies in their security system, including biometrics that were fully integrated into an access control system. ADC also wanted entering and exiting the offices to be a completely automated process that didn't require a member of staff to constantly monitor it.

"We knew our wish list for office security was ambitious, as not only was it required to eliminate the need for a receptionist, it also had to relegate the perennial problem of lost keys to being a thing of the past," Mr Hay added.

The problem came when trying to find a company that would provide the specific security solution ADC wanted. Many firms offered them systems that were close to what the company needed, but that did not fulfil every requirement. Some simply said that ADC was asking for too much, and the security system it wanted was not even possible!



SECOM jumped at the chance to create an entirely new bespoke security system and was ready to tackle the challenges that ADC's needs presented. The company is proud of being able to fulfil its customers' necessities and meet their specific requirements.

SECOM was able to impress ADC with its attitude to the job. Mr Hay said: "SECOM's passion and obvious determination to deliver exactly what we wanted stood in marked contrast to some of the reactions and responses we had received from local suppliers”.

"Biometrics was high up on the list and while others saw this as a potential issue - particularly when working in tandem with third party providers - SECOM positively relished the challenge."

Not only did SECOM attempt to provide ADC with everything they had asked for, SECOM were able to complete the job that many firms said couldn't be done. At the end of the work, ADC had a new security system featuring the latest biometric technology with a state-of-the-art access control and intruder alarm system.

SECOM created a unique system incorporating biometric, access control and an intruder alarm via one deliberate means of operation for access to and from the building. This ensures that the security of ADC’s premises is maximised.



The resulting security system met all of ADC’s requirements. Furthermore, while working on the system SECOM was able to provide a level of service beyond what ADC was expecting, from a generally positive attitude to the fact that an atmosphere of transparency was fostered, allowing ADC to contact SECOM's suppliers if it felt the need to.

Mr Hay said: "ADC's reputation has been founded on providing the highest levels of professionalism and service to the worldwide Oil and Gas industry, and with that culture ingrained into the company’s DNA it’s often disappointing when working with other professions who fall short of those standards.”

"However, with SECOM we found a supplier who not only matched, but in some cases exceeded our expectations in delivering everything we desired in office security while at the same time providing a positive and refreshing collaborative experience."

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