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SECOM & Phosters (FM): An FM security case study

SECOM & Phosters (FM): An FM security case study

As one of the UK’s leading security providers, SECOM are used to working across a wide range of industries. Naturally, every one of these sectors comes with its own unique requirements and challenges, and none more so than facilities management. Tight deadlines and the need to maintain key relationships render it crucial to stay flexible, efficient and reliable.

Recently facilities management firm Phosters (FM), who are known for providing maintenance and support services to both the public and private sectors, approached SECOM to help them protect the property of one of their clients. Having worked with SECOM previously Phosters (FM) knew SECOM had a solid understanding of how best to support them in protecting their client’s premises.



Something that became apparent very early on, was the need to upgrade the technology currently in place - not only to improve the quality of the systems implemented, but to make the best use of the client’s budget. As the project is so much more than simply CCTV, it was SECOM’s mission to deliver a sub-network of IT infrastructure. Thanks to this, they have since been able to install new cameras with HD display, providing greater clarity and further safeguarding the property. The safe communications room was also vital in adding an extra layer of security.

These actions proved worthwhile a week later when a break-in saw trespassers steal cameras along with the viewing platform. Fortunately, an oversight from the criminals meant they hadn’t realised that the footage was stored on the server, which enabled the client to recover the lost products and proceed with police inquiries.

In an industry that doesn’t allow for teething problems, it pays to foresee problems that could come back to bite you.


 After SECOM surveyed the building - a key landmark in the local area - it was clear that a personalised, server-based system was needed.

New CCTV systems, access controls, intruder and fire alarms formed the basis of the new package, although an important part of the project was also working with the equipment already in place. Assessing this allowed SECOM to identify what additional products were needed, as well as those that no longer held any value. 

Recognising the need for a more connected approach to their security, the team made the decision to install an in-built safe communications room to hold all electrical equipment and data. This would work to reduce the risk of sensitive information being lost or stolen.


In order for Phosters (FM) to maintain the strong relationship they enjoyed with their client, SECOM would need to work to tight timeframes, all whilst juggling last minute requests.

From initial survey, through to installation and sign-off, the security experts were able to deliver the new server-based system within five days. Beginning by removing old equipment no longer required, several engineers then worked intensely over the next few days to install the new systems; efforts that paid off when the new system was securely in place by the end of the week.

SECOM’s multi-tasking abilities were put to the test, with some additional requests that demanded a fast turnaround. Orders for concrete blocks, a made-to-order product, were received, processed, delivered and fitted within 24 hours. In an industry that is often defined by over-complicated processes, keeping the procedure as swift and simple as possible was a priority.


When it comes to reducing costs and improving efficiency, Phosters (FM) has a reputation for providing measurable results. To ensure they retained this status, SECOM’s priority was to offer security solutions that were not only watertight, but cost-effective. 

As well as making the best use of the security equipment already in place, the team were keen to future-proof their new system, ensuring it delivered not only now, but for years to come.

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