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SECOM lands prestigious Best Indirect Supplier award

SECOM lands prestigious Best Indirect Supplier award

SECOM has won a leading industry award for its high quality and expertise when it comes to providing Speedy Hire with essential equipment and services.

At Speedy Hire's lavish services exhibition earlier this month, SECOM was named the winner of the Best Indirect Supplier title.

While some suppliers to the company specialise in offering equipment that will be rented out by Speedy Hire over the counter, SECOM's solutions are not used in this way and are instead utilised by Speedy Hire.

Major competitors for the award included large and established brands such as Rentokil and other major fire alarm manufacturers.

Graham Miller, National Accounts Manager at SECOM, spoke of his pride at landing the award and explained just how the company managed to rise above the competition to secure such valuable recognition.

He said SECOM provides CCTV and alarm systems for Speedy Hire's warehouses around the country. Until recently, it managed 75 per cent of the firm's UK depots, but that has now been increased to include every single one.

"We're providing all the security for them, so it's the intruder alarms, the CCTV and access control. Externally we've provided them with monitored CCTV, with smart technology, and internally we've provided them with standalone CCTV systems," Mr Miller stated.

Despite the vast nature of Speedy Hire's depots, SECOM has found it relatively straightforward to cover each with the latest security systems, such is its expertise in this field.

Speedy Hire's new multi-service centres (MSCs) have served to increase its reliance on security measures. Whereas it once ran smaller individual centres for various types of equipment - such as drills and generators - the new facilities will cater for all needs.

"The MSCs will mean you can now phone a number and get simply anything delivered," Mr Miller explained.

With so much stored under one roof, it is imperative that security is tight and the very best equipment is in operation.

Damian Robinson, supply chain manager for property at Speedy Services, said the solutions offered by SECOM were simply a "cut above" those available from rivals suppliers.

"I looked at their capabilities and what they'd done for us so far and from the service they were offering and how good that service was, the quality of the products they were putting in, it was quickly decided that we were going to move all out intruder alarms and CCTV over to SECOM," he explained.

He also picked out an upcoming project to introduce remote servicing to its control panels as further evidence that SECOM is ready to help its clients ensure the best results.

Picture courtesy of Luke Hunter

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