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SECOM fulfils Imexpart's security requirements

SECOM fulfils Imexpart's security requirements

Since it was formed in 1986, Imexpart ltd has been one of the UK's leading independent automotive parts distributors. In almost 30 years of doing business, they have grown to require a number of different offices across the UK. As such, they need a national security company capable of fulfilling their requirements at multiple premises with minimal fuss, and SECOM has been able to expertly fill this role.


Around 15 years ago, Imexpart found themselves unhappy with their security systems supplier. "Basically, the service was very poor," said Tim Chambers, logistics manager for Imexpart.

Imexpart found that their choices were limited at this point. It was not easy to find a company that fulfilled all their requirements to supply them with a commercial security system, especially considering the scale of Imexpart's needs. Being an automotive parts distributor, the company potentially stores several million pounds worth of stock at their premises.

This is not only a major security risk; it also made it difficult for Imexpart to get the best offer on their insurance. In order to avoid paying out far more in premiums than they had to, they needed to prove their site was as well-protected as possible.

The firm's head office is in Castleford, but it also has premises as far apart as Glasgow and Bristol. Imexpart did not want to have a separate security supplier for each office, further complicating their search for a suitable company. They needed a company that could provide security for Imexpart’s multiple offices around the UK.


The company began looking for someone else to take control of their security, eventually finding SECOM, who were able to provide the service the firm needed, supplying Imexpart with a high-quality security system across all of the company's offices. "They ticked all the boxes, covering everything from prices to reputation," Mr Chambers said. "They filled the insurance need, and provided protection and a deterrent."

Imexpart required a monitored intruder alarm system, and SECOM was able to provide them with a tailored system that suited their needs. This included monitoring, which was more cost-effective than traditional manned security. For added protection the system was linked up to SECOM’s own Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) enabling Imexpart to fulfil the requirements of the insurers.

Imexpart was impressed by how SECOM handled the installation process. "It was very quick. They were very efficient and did everything in a timely manner," Mr Chambers added.

In addition, SECOM are able to provide all of Imexpart's offices up and down the country with the security systems, installation, servicing and engineering support they require. Imexpart are able to contact a single account manager if there is an issue at any one of their sites, which is quicker and more effective than having to deal with multiple contacts.

The Outcome

Mr Chambers much preferred both SECOM's security system and the service the company provided. "Everything from communication, installation, support… in all those areas it was certainly an improvement," he said. As a result, the company has used SECOM to provide security for all of its offices, contacting us for a number of different projects.

"From the installation of [the original] site's security, as we got other sites throughout the country the confidence was there to use [SECOM] to put security systems in place. And that again is because of their reliability and the lack of problems," Mr Chambers said.

Currently, Imexpart is in the process of constructing a large extension to its head office, and once again SECOM has been enlisted to provide the security. "We've been totally satisfied with SECOM all the way through," Mr Chambers added:

"They are reputable, provide a good service with good communication, they keep you updated and they're reliable. Compared to their competitors, SECOM were better in every area."

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