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SECOM attends and exhibits at Retail Risk 2016

SECOM attends and exhibits at Retail Risk 2016

On October 5th, SECOM exhibited at the Retail Risk conference in Leicester to showcase some of their exciting new products: SECOM Retail Insight and ROGUES. The event - which was held at the King Power Stadium - is part of the largest loss prevention conference series in the world.

SECOM was there to showcase the their new Retail Insight technology. This innovative offering can give retailers the data they need to improve customer experience, which in turn can improve both turnover and profitability. The technology is a video analytics system that measures and provides you with accurate, real-time data about customers in a retail environment providing them in easy to manage reports which stop the need for expensive data analysts.

SECOM also showcased ROGUES - standing for Repeat Offenders Gallery Under Electronic Surveillance - a loss-prevention offering that allows SECOM's Control and Command Centre to notify retail managers or security staff when repeat offenders enter their stores so appropriate action can be made swiftly.

All the necessary security personnel at your store can be notified at the same time with intelligence, including the suspect's outfit so they are easy to identify. This gives you the ability to prevent shoplifting by being forewarned and allowing branches within predefined geographical area to be notified and on the alert for the repeat offender.

These two systems are just two of the many products SECOM offers that can help keep your retail stores safe and profitable.

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