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Have We Moved From Bespoke Due to the Recession? Posted on 6th July 2013 by Calvin Avery

Have We Moved From Bespoke Due to the Recession?

Have We Moved From Bespoke Due to the Recession?

I personally believe this statement to be true due to everything now being made packaged, stream lined, easy to purchase; quick to install; and if we were honest with ourselves a nightmare to maintain. Don’t get me wrong, the package mentality can work with large reputable security manufacturers and yes it keeps the economy on track but are we in danger of moving away from the skilled labourers who are the back bone of this country, and even further away from utilising the natural resources this country has in abundance. We are not leaving our legacy, so what will happen when these skills are lost in time and not passed on through the generations. Not all families have a son and/or daughter to carry on their existing business concerns, even if they did want to do so.

It seems to me that when it comes to purchasing, the public are driven down a follow the sheep mentality led by the masses; however, this does not always mean that the right choice is being made. Let’s take bespoke handmade wrought Iron and wooden gates, grilles and shutters for example and a manufactured option of one of these, we are steered down the route of manufacturing because of what we are led to believe in terms of cost before even looking into the matter further. Manufactured items are not always cheaper, when you add the mechanical and electronic aspect and the labour involved to install such an item, there is not that much of a difference in the cost. 

Let’s put this into practice:

You are the customer and have a property that needs securing with an entrance leading into that property with a specific size requirement. It may require an intercom, gate and an electronic gate opener for exit and entry. The first thing you do is end up looking for a gate that will fit your property’s entrance which are available in all different shapes and sizes, however, the one you saw on somebody else’s property or found in a magazine is only manufactured to a certain size and won’t fit. With this in mind, you end up purchasing one that does fit but looks nothing like the one you had originally set your heart on (sounds familiar). If you would have had the original one you wanted built by a skilled fabricator to exact size with your own design emblem on it, e.g. your initials, coat of arms, specific badge or something close to you to make it original, 8 out of 10 times it would have cost you the same as the one you ended up with (that you are not even all that keen on). 

All the manufactured gates have names that would suggest quality to entice you like Heritage, Kingston, Surrey, and Buckingham and so on, all it does is confuse and change the price. You never see the affluent and eminent happy with the norm so why should we be. Let’s make use of the many years of skilled experience earned within the industry of fabricators and keep Britain’s skills alive.

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