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Crime 'costs Staffordshire businesses £7,300 an hour'

Crime 'costs Staffordshire businesses £7,300 an hour'

Businesses in Staffordshire are losing out on an average of £7,300 per hour as a direct result of the actions of criminals in the county.

New figures were revealed by Sue Arnold, the deputy police and crime commissioner for Staffordshire, during her recent appearance at Crimestoppers' Midlands Regional Conference, reports the Lichfield Mercury.

She explained burglary, shoplifting, criminal damage, theft and a host of other offences cost firms in the region an estimated £7,300 every hour. The Federation of Small Businesses also believes more than a third of companies fail to report crimes they are the victim of to police.

Mrs Arnold was showcasing the new Business Crime Matters strategy at the event last week, which is designed to help organisations overcome the threat posed by criminals. Police and crime commissioner Matthew Ellis said he is keen to put an end to the myth that crimes against firms are victimless.

"Businesses are the lifeblood of local communities across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. But times are tough for small businesses and being a victim of robbery, theft, vandalism or online fraud can be enough to drive them into the ground," Mrs Arnold stated.

She went on to explain the key now is to improve support for business owners and to ensure they receive a great service to help them combat criminals.

One step that some shrewd companies may be wise to take is to invest in a new business alarm system that can be used as a crucial security measure. The system can be linked to an Alarm Response Centre, ensuring someone is on the scene at the first hint of any trouble.

The conference at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull provided an ideal opportunity for a variety of people - including law enforcement agencies, Neighbourhood Watch and commercial enterprises - to get together to discuss business crime.

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