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Keeping your office safe over the Christmas period

Keeping your office safe over the Christmas period

As Christmas approaches, many offices all over the country will be preparing to shut down over the holiday period. If you’re one of the companies lucky enough to have a substantial amount of time off this festive season, make sure you check our top tips for shutting up shop to avoid any potential problems when you return.

Firstly, make sure all your windows are shut and locked. An accessible window can be all a potential burglar needs, so make sure that anywhere that could offer an entry point is secure.

While it may seem obvious, make sure that you know who will be the last person in the office, so that they can lock up thoroughly without fear of trapping a colleague. They must also know how to set the office’s alarm system properly, so check they know the procedure ahead of time.

If your company will be closed for a long time over Christmas, consider the possibilities of timed lighting. From a thief’s perspective, a well-lit building is likely to have people inside it. A burglar will prefer the easiest option, so having a few strategic lights on during working hours can be very off-putting.

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