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SECOM launches lone worker tracking solution

SECOM launches lone worker tracking solution

August 2014 - SECOM Plc, a world class company supplying customised security solutions to homes, businesses and public sector organisations throughout the UK, today announces the launch of its new lone worker personal tracking solution, SecomProtect, expanding upon the company's existing range of electronic security services.

SecomProtect is a mobile communications device that has been deliberately designed as an identity card holder, making it not only easy wear but also discreet to operate, should a person working alone feel that their safety may be compromised. At the press of a discrete button within the device, an alarm is raised discreetly and safely - and received by SECOM's own Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is monitored 365 days a year by highly trained staff. 

There are two alarm options, Red and Amber. The Amber Alert enables a worker at the start of their shift to leave a short voice message through the unit - outlining their name and location, plus details of the activity being carried out and a description of any apparent risk - while a Red Alert enables a one or two way audio link between the device and the ARC at the push of a button for immediate assistance. This completely configurable one or two-way audio channel can be altered depending on a worker's risk profile. This feature is unique to this type of device.
Once an alert is raised, the dedicated ARC operator can act immediately to track the worker's location via GPS, and can then instigate an appropriate escalation - ranging from a call to a user’s manager at one end of the spectrum, up to an emergency services call-out if required. During a Red Alert, the call is monitored continuously, giving the worker peace of mind and the assurance that they are not alone. Audio is also recorded for future use, with date and time stamps, should it be required as evidence. 

Meanwhile the Status Check button provides added peace of mind by giving feedback on the strength of the GSM network signal, GPS coverage and battery life. SECOM are also able to provide an option for Man Down functionality which raises an automatic Red Alert in the event of a lone worker being incapacitated as a result of a fall or an unexpected health issue - by detecting tilt in combination with non-movement.

Commenting on the new solution, SECOM's Sales and Marketing Director Alan Blake said: "Everyone should be able to go to work feeling safe and secure and lone workers are no exception. Those equipped with SecomProtect will have the peace of mind that is every worker's right. This is a cutting-edge piece of security design, which manages to incorporate all the technology lone workers will need to perform their role without worrying about their personal safety."

SecomProtect is approved through the Association of Chief Police Officer's ‘Secured by Design’ initiative and is accredited by the British Standard for Lone Worker Device Services BS8484, enabling companies that have lone workers to be fully compliant with the employer’s duty of care legislation. The basic solution is available for less than the monthly cost of a mobile phone, supplied as a complete package with a SIM card and full user training. It is ideal for all types of staff including night shift workers, security guards, delivery drivers and couriers, housing associations, community and healthcare workers and maintenance staff.

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