Lone workers are always going to be your most vulnerable employees. However, sometimes you won’t be able to avoid having a member of staff spend a portion of their shift alone, whether they are security guards working at night or a driver delivering goods across the country.

To protect these employees, SECOM offer an innovative solution that will enable you to safeguard your lone workers. SecomProtect is a simple mobile communication device – disguised as an ID card holder – which allows staff to record audio, capture evidence of abuse and raise an alarm if necessary.

Of course, SecomProtect is more than just an alarm button. The benefits of the system make it an essential for lone workers, giving them the peace of mind they need to go about their jobs without worry. For more information on SECOM’s lone worker device visit our Lone Worker Page.


SECOM’s manned response centre is open 24 hours a day, so as soon as an alarm button is pushed the team can take necessary action. SecomProtect comes with two different alerts: Amber and Red. Pushing Amber Alert allows the employee to speak into the device and make an audio recording of the address they will be entering, how long they expect to be, and will retrieved by SECOM should they receive a Red Alert.

If an employee feels the need to push the Red alert button, this opens an audio call which SECOM’s manned response will listen in to the situation. They will also be notified of the Amber Alert so they know the last known location of the employee. SECOM’s trained lone worker operators can take whatever action is necessary; something you can agree beforehand, so staff will know exactly what to do and what to expect in a crisis.

This includes calling the police if they are needed. SECOM is BS8484 accredited, guaranteeing an immediate police response without needing to go through the 999 system. This means help can arrive at your lone worker’s location as quickly as possible.

If SecomProtect seems simple to use, that’s because it is! The Amber/Red Alert system means lone workers can tailor SECOM’s response to the situation at hand without having to think too much about what to do. The discrete format of an ID badge holder also means that assailants will not be able to detect SecomProtect, preventing them from tampering with or disabling it.

All this combines to create peace of mind for your employees. Your lone workers will work knowing that they are only a button press away from immediate assistance, making them feel secure while doing their jobs.