Lone working can affect staff at every level of almost any organisation. SECOM’s lone worker personal tracking solution – SecomProtect – is a mobile communications device deliberately designed as an identity card holder, allowing easy wear and discreet operation by the user should they feel their safety may be compromised.

To read some of the dangers that lone workers face, take a look at our lone worker Infographic.

Lone Worker Remote Monitoring

At the push of a button, the alarm is raised discreetly and safely to our own 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The lone worker’s call will be monitored by one of our dedicated ARC operators, giving them peace of mind and the assurance they are not alone.

SECOM’s ARC is BS8484 accredited, so should our ARC receive an urgent alert, we can bypass the 999 system and go straight through to the appropriate police force.

Lone Worker - Raising An Alert

Through the push of a button on the device the lone worker can leave a short voice-message through the unit outlining any contextual information about the situation they are entering i.e. name, location, activity and any apparent risk. This information is then accessed by the operator in the event of receiving a ‘Red Alert’.

To raise a red alert the lone worker presses a button on the rear of the unit prompting the device to call SECOM’s own Manned Response Centre:

  • Call monitored by a dedicated operator
  • Response centre to determine location by GPS
  • Audio is recorded for future use should it be required as evidence
  • Alert escalated to your chosen contact for that lone worker


Benefits and Features:

  • Easy to wear and discreet to use
  • Monitored 24/7 by our own alarm receiving centre
  • Alarm raised discreetly & safely
  • Man Down alarm option available
  • User training provided
  • All inclusive package with SIM card
  • Peace of mind for the lone worker
  • BS8484 Accredited