Physical security fully integrated with your electronic security is the best solution for your home. SECOM have an extensive range of physical security products that will help protect your home.

Collapsible gates offer complete peace of mind.

Our collapsible gates are unobtrusive and can blend in perfectly with the décor at home. They can be concealed when not in use and offer a quick escape in case of fire.

Used as a part of an integrated home security solution, or just simply on their own, our Collapsible Gates offer you complete peace of mind.

Once locked they are virtually impenetrable and offer a visual deterrent to a potential burglar.

Aluminium roller shutters provide a formidable physical barrier.

SECOM aluminium shutters are the perfect solution for your physical security needs. Providing a physical barrier, the shutters are manufactured from a double skinned extruded lath 8.7mm thick, this makes them extremely strong, whilst being extremely light and rust free.Roller shutters are quite often used instead of Garage doors and look modern.

Electrically or manually operated, our shutters offer both visibility and security. When raised, the curtain is housed in a profiled aluminium box above that you would hardly know the security shutters were there. You can ensure that a SECOM security shutter will match and fit into the style of your property.

Residential gates to suit any needs

SECOM can supply and install many styles of residential gates. We have a broad range to choose from starting with our single pedestrian gates through to our Kensington and Knightsbridge collection of double leaf entrance gates.

All our gates can be installed as either manual swing gates to fully automated to suit your requirements.

A SECOM made to measure gate provides a host of security benefits all the while maintaining the aesthetic look to the front of your property.

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