Are you worried about who and how people access your property?

We can help you protect your home and family with a range of door access control and security systems ranging from voice and video entry phones to more advanced PIN number entry systems.

Safe, Reliable and Easy to Use

From single room or gate locks to complete door access control systems for an entire building, we can help you by customising a system to your unique requirements and showing you how to use it effectively.

Electronic Door Locks

We can help you to find the best electronic door locks in direct response to your requirements. Whether it is concealed electronic door locks or surface ones, with SECOM you will be provided with the most appropriate, secure and reliable solution for your needs.

PIN Code Locks

As well as electronic locks we can also offer a range of access methods including PIN code locks which prevent unauthorised entry into your home. You can even set various levels of access to control precisely who and how access is granted; an option frequently favoured by property managers.

PIN readers

Restrict access to your home or within your home with PIN locks that use a 4-6 number code. With SECOM PIN locks you can have multiple users and change the PIN easily on a regular basis.

If you are interested in utilising our door access control systems, electron locks or PIN locks why not speak to us today to see if we can help you protect your home, property and family.

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