SECOM know the importance of creating the correct fire alarm solution for a business premises. As buildings and business requirements differ, we will work with you to arrive at the design best suited for you in order to minimise loss of stock and assets, reduce damage to property and provide an early warning system for your staff.

Selecting Your Fire Alarm System

The type of system used is often determined by the size of the building and the complexity of the fire strategy within it.

For smaller premises this could be a system which splits the building into a number of simple Fire Zones and triggers an evacuation should a fire occur.

For larger premises an addressable fire detection system would tend to be deployed where each detector has a unique address allowing incidents to be identified precisely and the fire strategy can be programmed.

Fire Alarm System Design

System design is a vital component of a successful fire installation. As BAFE registered engineers and fire risk assessors, SECOM can assess your needs and design reliable systems to cope with your fire risks and protect life and property.

There can be a number of influencing bodies such as your insurer, local authority and your risk assessment process. we are able to captuer these requirements and formulate designs to satisfy all of these stake holders.

SECOM’s designs can be certificated to BS5839 Part 1 and subsequent installations undertaken to comply with tight design criteria.

Our Accreditations

We are fully registered as a BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) Scheme SP203 company to design, install, commission, handover, maintain and verify fire detection and alarm systems in the UK. We are therefore assessed by independent inspectors on an annual basis. Our commitment to fire safety is demonstrated by ensuring that SECOM always maintain the highest level of third party accreditation available in the UK.


Managed & Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

SECOM have our own Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Our fire engineers can install products so our trained operators can monitor your system 24hrs a day; giving you peace of mind when away from your premises.